Marina Mascarell

Spanish choreographer Marina Mascarell (1980) studied Pedagogy applied to Dance and Performing Arts in Madrid. Starting her career as a dancer, she won the award for Outstanding Dancer in the XIX Choreographic Competition of Madrid, and with it a scholarship to the American Dance Festival in North Carolina.


Marina Mascarell danced with the Nederlands Dans Theater 1 & 2 and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in New York.

She has been invited to teach at international festivals and institutions such as Salt Dance Fest in Utah, Open Look St. Petersburg and STRUT Choreographic Centre in Perth, Australia.


Since 2011 Marina Mascarell has been dedicating herself full time to the art of choreography – creating poetic, political, intimate and socially political works. She has made pieces for Nederlands Dans Theater I (Upcoming Choreographers), Scapino Ballet, Dance Forum Taipei, Göteborg Danskompani, Skånes Dansteater, Lyon Opera Ballet among others, and is associate choreographer at Korzo Theater in the Netherlands. Her creative work is a continuous discovery of unknown subjects to her, through which she learns and evolves. Part of Marina Mascarell's interest goes out to the theatre, the other to life. In her work she needs to address the world we live in, the choices we make and their consequences – analysing our history with stories that can move us.


Marina Mascarell finds that the incorporation of reality in art has a deeper meaning. Through it reality transcends borders and enters the realm of the impossible. Thus Marina Mascarell's performances go much further than pure aesthetics or form alone, and aim to arouse emotions in the audience. “I try to find the artistic independence taking artistic risks, avoiding the routine and conventions. It remains essential to continue a questioning attitude.”


In 2015 Marina Mascarell proudly received the prestigious BNG Bank Dance Award for Excellent Talent. Her creation 'Mongrel' part of the evening 'The Almost Nearly Perfect' with Göteborg Danskompani premiered to great acclaim in the Fall of 2015 in Göteborg. Her piece 'It is like a large animal deep in sleep' has been touring internationally since january 2015 with great success in the Netherlands, Taiwan and Sweden. This full evening work is a poetic and witty performance about basic but essential daily activities in our current society, and great philosophical issues such as our wish to be free. 


In September 2016 Marina Mascarell premiered her creation ‘Le Diable bat sa femme et marie sa fille’ for the Lyon Opera Ballet. Her latest full evening ‘Three Times Rebel’ was be premiered in January 2017 at the CaDance Festival in The Hague, Netherlands. This evening is co-produced by Korzo Productions, Netherlands Dance Theater, Dance Forum Taipei and Mercat de les Flors.


In thh upcoming two years Marina Mascarell will be creating for Nederlands Dans Theater II, Göteborg Danskompani and Skånes Dansteater.

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